Insurance Is More Than A Warm Body Dishing Out Quotes!


Insurance Products/Services Offered

 "Matthew... I just need a car quote!" or "I need an auto, home & umbrella policy."

From a single auto policy to multiple policies, I got you covered. 

 However, before an array of services are laid out, I want you to promise me that you will be open to viewing insurance a bit differently. 

For some folks, it's about calling around to find the cheapest quote with the belief that coverages are equal. Others want to craft a plan to protect their assets. While some HATE the idea of paying for or dealing with insurance issues and just take whatever the insurance agent suggests so they can move on with their day. 

What category do you fall into? Having to do something is off-putting, saving money is ideal, but when disaster strikes, and BELIVE ME it does (I see it daily) I want you to be on the right side of the coin. 

PRO TIP: Stop comparing insurance shopping to a root canal!

Every financial expert will remind you to shop around for the best price on insurance, and that is VERY wise. But what many advisors fail to acknowledge is what are you are supposed to be shopping for? There is this assumption that policies are apples to apples. That couldn't be further from the truth! One company may exclude  coverage that you desperately need, and you have no idea because the wording of the policy is confusing.

Also, be aware of your knowledge of insurance. You may have purchased several insurance policies in your lifetime, and you feel like an expert in the area. You may have a solid handle on insurance terms, but don't let your knowledge keep you from being sufficiently covered or causing you to be over insured.

With all that said... let's look into the services offered:

Most Requested Residential and Commercial Insurance Services:


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